Energy Analysis and Environmental Studies

1) Development of computer simulation software of chemical energy storage and solar thermal system
2) Economic analysis and dynamic simulation of solar pond technology
3) Cost analysis of photovoltaics by learning curve
4) Estimate of Energy consumption of household sector
5) Development of software for energy planning in developing countries (Department of Technical Corporation for Development, United Nations)
6) Computer simulation of carbon dioxide emission in Japan
7) Analysis of Edmond-Reilly model for long-term global warming problems
8) Construction of global resources balance table
9) Energy Analysis of Electronic Book
10) Estimation of Carbon dioxide emission in major countries
11) Technology assessment of CO2 emission reduction technologies
12) Energy analysis of daily life
13) Development of Computer Software of Cogeneration Simulation
14) Development of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of Buildings
15) International comparative study on energy efficiency in industrial sector
16) Surveys on newly emerging energy businesses
17) Analysis of Mass Production Cost of Fuel Cells by Learning Curve
18) Surveys of Energy Conservation Potential by Information Technology
19) Development of Hydrogen Energy Simulators with Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy for Regional Energy Demand.

Computer Sciences and Software development

1) Application of Image processing system
2) Development of mathematical model of Aluminum production furnace
3) Development of new calculating method of combination weighing system
4) Development of Electronic Book and Editing Systems
5) Development of mathematical model of sailing boat (This software was modified and used for measuring performance of Japanese Sailing boats for America’s Cup Challenge Team in 1992)
6) Measuring, collecting, and reporting system of factory utility data using PDA (Personal Digital Assistants)
7) Construction and operation of Energy database systems